Crossfading material in dependence of normal vector


is it possible to crossfade materials, which are based
on material settings and not images, in dependence
of the normal vector of object they are assigned to ?

(…and if “yes”…please describe “how” :O)

Since I am using CVS-Blender, material nodes are available
(and I am far from being a guru of handling of material nodes

Thank you very much in advance of any helpful reply !
Keep blendering!

you can do stencils in CVS right?

then you merely have a mask texture [blend?] mapped using normal coordinates…

Hi z3r0 d

…as I thought, material layers were switched off in
CVS (still visible, but not functional) in sake of the upcoming
material nodes (Release notes on next 2.42) ???

But I may be wrong…

Thanks for your hint. I will check it out ! :slight_smile:

Keep hacking!