Crosshair appearance

Hi guys, is there a way to edit how the crosshair looks in blender when in edit mode? I knwo its a strange question but can I get the edit mode crosshair to look like the sculting crosshair?

I think it Is using the windows win 10 crosshair system

so change it in win 10 and it will be use in blender

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Mmm, that hasn’t done the trick unfortunately. I downloaded a .cur and replaced my mouse precision pointer in the cursor settings win10 but still get the same crosshairs in blender.

as I remember win 10 has a lot of cur included

vaguely remember
there is like a name for this not certain it was cursor
might be pointer or something like that !

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check this video

I change the old crosshair for an arrow

so you should be able to change it too

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Hi thanks for the feedback. I already have custom cursors ( osx set ). I did use the website you shared earlier today to get a precision cursor and changed it but it doesn’t change in blender unfortunately.

the cursor shape are already available in the Win 10
are you using another OS ?

I think you need to also reboot

I did it so it should work for your PC too !

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Thanks for you advice. I did however use that website to get to where i got to in the attached image. No go unfortunately. The cursor in blender doesnt change :frowning:

one strange thing is that I cannot make a screen print with the cursor
when I import it into paint soft the cursor is not shown !

how did you show it ?

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haha, yeah, I had to take a photo with my phone.

good one LOL

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just one note

may be on win 10 this has to be done while you are registered as the master owner on console !

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Dont really know what you mean dude. Do you mean admin?

yes as administrator on Win OS
could be that Admin thing to make the change apply

I don’t remember exactly what I did a few years back! LOL

but it did work for me so you should be able to make it too

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just saw something else
on blender artist forum
on the bottom part I get my pointer as an arrow
but when I go over the top images part I get a hand pointer

strange that it changes like that !

in blender I get the arrow pointer !

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I am admin but its ok. Think im just gonna have to leave it. Ive only been a windows user for a year. Still learning new things. Most of all how much I miss os x hahaha. Thanks for all the effort in replying :slight_smile: