crossing the road


I’m new to blender and the forum, created this from a few tutorials and a really short class that I’ve been taking on blender. I put together the background in PS, and blurred the characters hands quickly to give them some life and hide a few flaws. Took around 4-5 hours but I know PS well and just threw the background together so about 4.5 hours modeling.

I think the textures have heaps of work to go and most likely the lighting.
I haven’t got shots of the mesh saved right now but I hope to get one up soon.
Its probably worth saying that the hands arn’t actually attached to the body mesh I’ve just positioned the arm objects quickly and as best I can - have only really modelled a torso and head of the main character,

Any comments or questions would be much apprieciated as i said this is my first model so I’m trying to pick up as much as I can.


pretty good so far, few suggestions

  1. lower the specularity on the material
  2. the backround is very distracting to the main piece, scrap it and do something more simple
  3. make the tongue a little redder
    4.have fun!