Original concept Simon Stålenhag

I decided to go out of my comfort zone by re-creating one of my favourite artwork of Simon Stålenhag. If you are not familiar with his art I highly recommend to check his work. This is my interpretation of the Crossing. All the models in the scene are created with Blender except the aliens, rocks in the background and the hands monument (finally I’ve had the chance to use my old Buzludzha photogrammetry model).


Blender 2.8 | Cycle Render | Photoshop | ZBrush | xNormal | Agisoft Photoscan |

Full project here :


Great work, Boris! You beat me to it!

I have three scenes based on Simon’s work that I’m working on. I really, really, like his juxtaposition of 80’s Americana with some pretty creepy dystopian commentary. You get the distinct impression he doesn’t like VR very much - lol - (one of my projects is to recreate a scene in VR - ironically enough).

Again, great work!!


Great work, Really Love it - -

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Thanks :alien: I’m glad you like it :blush:

Thanks :alien: :space_invader: :alien: You should show some of your work!

Thank you Bart !!! :space_invader:

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Wow! Great tribute to Simon Stalenhag’s art! Really got the mood from his works!

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Great work!

Can you tell me how did you manage to make that glow in windows?

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Thank you, Daniel. Appreciate it!

Thanks, Erik :slight_smile:
Which glow, that on the house or the ships in the background?

Stunning scene man! And wow what stunning style and work Simon has

PS stunning details man, when i saw those 3dviewport imags i suddenly noticed all thos figures on this big weird things in the water.

That man has some stunning creativeness. So many stunning illustrators which would be so cool in 3d :slight_smile: It looks like a complete storyboard or moodboard of images for some epic game. Dang! Amazing and so many images!!!

and… finally after a lot of scrolling i found your reference :slight_smile: Wowsers man you really nailed it. Though i do miss the haziness a bit… But i also like your version, a bit warmer and richer in contrast. Did you model all those characters on those things in the water? First i thought that was scanned, but after reading again im not so sure, i think you modeled it

PS never heard of that Buzludzha monument. Holy moly it looks massive and did look sort beautiful. But the ghostly appearance it now has ia also stunning. Looks like a movie set or so
I also found a page with photos of its glory days, it looked stuning, i must say that

PS has this Simon any connection to that stunning Unity trailer from some time back? I noticed this image and i got some sort of dejavu moment. BUt after checking they were not so the same, though i got the same feeling seeing that character

PS i went on google to find some more of this artist Simon. Just bumped into this stunning animation of one of his works. It so sweet seeing i in motion

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Some how i had this feeling as well. Not sure its that he hates it, but i got some feeling this is some link to eithr VR or something with social media. More like VR perhaps due to the headsets

Really Nice. If I were you, I used the Scatter Addon because of the proxies

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the house, windows in particular :smiley:
Im doing a small project of my own and i also seeking for a way to make light coming out of windows, so as for now i am not really satisfied with the result

Thank you, Oscar
Yeah Scatter is a good add-on, I chose to use particle system, because I have more control, maybe because the particle system is closer to the forest pack which I use daily at work :slight_smile:

Hey Erik,
Here you can see what is the shader of the glass. It’s pretty simple, I found the texture in

Also I use additional area lamp (inside-out ) only to trough light on the railing and the eaves.
I hope you find this useful.

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oh, thanks a lot! i gonna try it out :wink:

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wow this is quite a long comment, @rombout :slight_smile:
I’m glad you like the final result of the project.

The characters on top of those things in the water are actually from here
You can chose from a lot of different type of characters and also you can download them with animations. I’ve only add the specific headset :slight_smile: I highly recommended to check it out !

In the scene I’ve one character in 2 poses and I’ve populated them with particle system. I’m sure that if I have a few more poses the result will be much better :smirk: but I’m kinda lazy :crazy_face:

Check this out. I think you will find this cinematic very interesting :

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Great Job Boris! I love the work Simon does. I have a few tributes to him myself.
Thanks for sharing the details.

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