Thanks JoniMercado, really appreciate it!
I saw your making of from Ronen Bekerman, super inspiring! :metal: :metal::metal:

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social media pls

I mean a new Addon base on particle system, not the one that comes with Blender

Hey Oscar, I guess I dont know this add-on. Can you send me a link, so I can check it?

hahaha yeah sorry, once i started looking into that artist Simon i got a bit carried away :slight_smile:

Ahh Mixamo, yeah i know it. I sometimes use it. I havent learned animation properly and sometimes when i want to play a bit with character movement i use those. So you also got the character from there? Thats bizar, i would not expect to them to fit the concept. But adding some dark texture probably helps.

Holy smokes that video is on another level man!!! THanks for that awesome shear :slight_smile:

Scatter is based on particle system if im correct. Quite daring to make such an addon at this point. Particle system will be droped in the near feature. Im not so sure what will stay, perhaps the hair part. But the rest is going to be replaced by everything nodes

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you, Oscar! Looks really promising :slight_smile:

That could pass for a St疇lenhag illustration. Youve captured the style flawlessly. I love the way St疇lenhag uses color.