Crossover Office 2007 - FREE!

Hey gang,
Crossover Office 2007 is being given away for free. ONE DAY ONLY!
Go get it if you’re on Linux or mac :slight_smile:

hello onemanblend,

thanks for the info. i will test it out.

Good call! Downloading…

only if you’re in the states apparently… (why do they do that?)

Not just in the states, I’m in the UK, and I downloaded it (eventually:rolleyes:)

…Just waiting for the Registration Email, then perhaps one day I may just get round to using it…:wink:

yes, you’re right, you can download it from anywhere… apologies to crossweavers…

Great software, great offer, the political courtesy behind it also deserves a hat tip…

What exactly is it (the website is down)? From what I have read it is a proprietary version of Wine. What improvements does it contain?