Crossroads Problem

I have made roads using array and curve modifiers, and here they are applied:

How should I work with the crossroads, to get it done painless? (There are quite a lot of them in one scene.)

The only way I know is to select two close vertices > W > merge.

Another way would be to model the cross roads, then the streets to merge into the cross roads.
Don’t know if this is the right way, but this is what I have been thinking now. There is a small distortion in the green area in the texture when subsurfed, but otherwise it seems working. (The side line gets a bit thinner.)

that’s lookin pretty good. how did you get the two meshes to intersect?

an other method would be to delete the edgeloops in the intersection zone. then use the ‘compute edge intersection’ script. add faces and subsurf.


To get rid of the distortion, you should avoid using triangles with subsurf.

I would use a design like this instead.


Yes, Morio’s design is I think the winner. If you want the actual cross to be more rounded, just cut in some loops. I’d model this by making a plane, then extrudin each of it’s edges, then extruding every “corner” (the two edges forming it) to get the right loops. To connect it to your road mesh you’d have to apply the array modifier and connect the crossroad manually. I can’t think of a posible way of doing that without applying the modifier, sorry.

Hello again! I have been writing a small Python program to make the crossroads from SVG-drawings, and here is what I got:

My question now: My program draws basically the version A of picture, but with a bit modification I guess I would be able to construct a quad-only version B of it. Is it worth trying, or is triangle version good enough? In actual render it is not possible to see any difference, but i guess in some situations it would be good to have only quads?

nice work!

if it renders well with tris, then i would say the job is done!

I could not resist of doing the quadrationing, so here it is now:
The beziers are basically in the smaller image, painted in Inkscape. Even if this doesn’t effect the render, I think the structure is better now. I’ll post the code after I get it a bit cleaned.

Looks good, care to post the script?

The source code directory can be found [here]. It is still on-progress, so there is not much documentation. External dependencies are PyQT (used to display the diagram), and Polygon-library, which is used when calculating the crossing polygons.

Here is one picture I made yesterday:
It is my hometown, and it is described in the file groads.svg in the source code.

but can this be used with simple poly curve for instance
i mean to make road when you want to do something fast
i may also be good to do it with path from SVG

but usually theses imported lines are heavy pioly count is it ?

nice work