hi,how to crouch?

Bend your knees.

…no but seriously, we need to know at least a little about your character setup before we can answer your question.



i need know how to make my character crouch,i need a change in the bound of my character.

how to do?

I have had good results making a shorter bounding box,putting that one on another layer, and then using the replace mesh actuator to switch between them. Remember to click the replace mesh actuator “physics” button.
Hope this helps!

That’s a pretty solid method, though I’d add that it’s probably best to have a collision box filling the space where the crouched box isn’t (IE if the standing box is 3 units tall, and the crouched box is 2 unit tall, the collision box would be 1 unit tall and placed directly on top of the crouched box) to test for collisions overhead. You don’t want your player to be able to stand up in a space that’s too short to fit the standing box, after all.

thanks for your answers,I could not do,make me a example?,please.