"If we were sensible we would seek death -- the same blissful blank which we enjoyed before we existed." — Lovecraft ![](

Had way too much fun playing with the grading on this!
Let me know which one you like the best.

Dynamic Topology sculpt
Tris: 1,334,473

Could still use some polish but I think I will leave it for now.


Well done! The Blenderartists Community needs more like those images - a bit dark, moody, surreal.

Keep going with this style!

We are born for the failure.

wow, that is just so cool! I like the second one alot, I dont mind going overboard with this kind of art.

Lovely chimera! I did one ages ago ( not blender just pencils) with a rats head and snake body. Yours is the business though.

Most excellent! Very interesting concept. I would pick the first.

What a great sculpt! Truly fantastic! The images in your first post are my favourite – the classic clash of warm and cold colours.

I look forward to seeing more of your work!

Totally loving this, awesome job!