crowd animation

Im new to blender and im doing a stadium model for a degree project.The stadium model itself is going well but i need something to spruce it up.I created the seats using dupliverts and i would like some crowd movement if possible.the crowd themselves dont have to be too realistic but you get the point.any ideas??thanks

Check this out

Not to nitpick, but this is the BLENDER forums. Maya plugins don’t do us any good.

However, Harkyman is still actively devloping his Blender People script, which is pretty nice. Might want to check that out.

You could duplivert the crowd too, then animate the dupliverted mesh with Shape Keys or other method. If you don’t want everyone moving in perfect unison, overlap several dupliverted meshes.

Roubal over at had good ideas for animating crowds using AVK. I think he posted some stuff here on Elysiun (could be wrong) so search ‘Roubal crowd’ or ‘Roubal AVK’ and see what comes up. He may have even linked to it on his own website.