Crowd Control

I was looking for a tut on crowd control on blender GE, or AI, and can’t seem to come up with anything, if someone could point me in the right direction that would be great!:slight_smile:

Do you mean like people moving out of the way of other people?

like people walking around in a city randomly, and not hitting eachother or walking though buildings and staying on the path. =D. Basically like innocent bystanders in all those games such as GTA etc.

ummm, I think you might find something here if you look for crowd, or flock or flocking.

Mmph! has a great tut for Ai in the resources here, and there are others.

They could give you enought info to create what you want, I believe.
This tut looked promising, seeing I have no python experience, but the link is broken!!! anyone know where I might find it or something similar?

Look in the resources thread. MMPH! has a great tutorial for non-programmers.

Do you mean to do something like this? (Watch from 1:13 onwards) found his tuts here if anyone wanted to know…


Check out BlenderPeople.

It looks promising.

Ah, I can help you with that… You’ll need 4 empties around your character to detect messages from surrounding characters…I have done alot of stuff like this for my RPG…

it also looks confusing, i allready searched for that, downloaded it, and it’s a bit out-dated, lots of stuff didn’t run. :no:

good idea, never thought about that!

If you read to the very last post you will find this link:

Download my get em game in the WIP, I use the node tracking for the mice. Look at the little squares and read the logic blocks.

I think I have the original for his node path too…somewhere…

And read the bot tutorial too by Mmph!

Good luck, will help if you get trapped, lol. Oh good luck on you game

thank you ititrx!

I did a very very simple AI to avoid obstacles, when the collision they step back and chage his direction. you can download the blend file in my site.

hmm… that looks very interesting, they look a bit funny though, lol. I will try that out for now, It is a little to simple though.