Crowd creation/control

Wow I just watched a bit of an XSI presentation on its crowd creation/control with ICE. Jeeze what an awesome thing and so powerful: instant instancing, auto adjust (but customizable) to path and surface, etc.

Does Blender have this? :eek:

Does Blender have this?


Blender may some day have access to a system like ICE (and I have my fingers crossed because it’s probably the most all-around useful tool in ANY existing 3D package), but right now those without a SoftImage license will just have to stare longingly and hope the depsgraph refactor allows for more “down-to-the-wire” node types to make an appearance in the future.

Python script

Ahhh crowd design would be so cool for Blender to have. Weird question, as I am a newbie, is it possible to create a ‘fake’ crowd control by connecting either separate objects or instances, to a particle system? Because, correct me if I am wrong, the latter is capable to have some control over things like collision, randomness?

That’s the thing though, I can’t code. Studied ICT and coding was probably my weakest subject. Pascal, C++ and some others I forgot, I am just not made for interacting with text-only stuff, but graphically. Coding inside a 3D package would be different as I can see the effect immediately in the viewport, but still, I took a look at python and got flashbacks and reminded my of my coding trauma haha.

If I understand it correctly, ICE is still sort of coding but instead of writing lines, you add nodes visually which translates to the actual result of that node in the viewport. Now this system is something I most likely be able to pick up, in fact, by sort of speak reverse-coding (adding the node and then see the code), this might be good to learn ‘code-thinking’. Which might be helpful to understand coding.

This type of capability was planned for Sintel, but was too big of a target - Features like this would happen after the dependency graph recode.

What is that dependency graph recode?

As far as I understand it, the Dependency graph is a plan for Blender to understand where it can find the files related to the scene in question.
It’s not a very efficient map however, and there’s been plans for it to be recoded so Blender can understand it better and thus execute tasks faster. This holds back things like crowd creation because that is very dependant on the dependancy graph, and if the latter is being recoded, it’s much more efficient to do the crowd simulation afterwards, so the code can make optimal use of the new Depgraph.

The dependency graph is the system that evaluates which parts of blender need to be updated when a value changes. Try chaining a few drivers and you can quickly see its weaknesses.