Crowd modeling with light techniques

Hi all :slight_smile:

Currently i’m working on my big project:
The reconstr’uction of the Carcassonne medieval city, located in france.
You can find more here: Carcassonne

As this work is targetted to be a realtime serious game in wich you can immerse in first person view, i’ll have to make it living. An for this i’ll, at first, set up many characters ( that i’ll call toons ) accomplishing various things ( animations ) in a random way but driven by IA.

the first step is to create toons, trim them in blender and grab legions of animations on mixamo’s site.
This is the process i plan to explain here :slight_smile:

in fine, i’ll have only 3 rigs for driving all my toons:
1 female rig
1 male rig
1 child rig

I’ll very soon post all the details for the how to, at first for my lack of memore :stuck_out_tongue: but also as i think this could possibly interrest some people :slight_smile:

so, see you soon and happy blending !

as i’m on it just for fun, lemme show you the very first toon based on female rig that i’ll set up in unity:

in T-pose as usual, but she already dances samba, waits, walk, si on ground, etc… in unity :slight_smile:
All of you have recognized the base suit of makehuman. I use the female1605 proxy ( nice for game engines expectink relatively low poly meshes ) and the ‘game engine’ rig of MH.

as usual advices, ideas, critics are welcome :slight_smile: and if you feel like dressing my toons… I’d love it :smiley:

i named her Josette :smiley:

her mate will come very soon. his name will be Felix :wink:

hope you like it !

Happy blending !