Crowd Simulation - What's possible?

Hello, I’d like to achieve a crowd of 30-50 characters running on a plane and as soon as the plane ends have them falling like rigid bodies. Basically what you see in this video at sec 1:39.

Is this possible in Blender? I had a look at tutorials, I saw examples using particle systems, but they were just making characters run on a surface avoiding obstacles, while I’d like them to start fall when they reach the edge of a surface.
I also saw an add on called Crowdsim 3d which is not free, seems complicated and I wasn’t able to find an example of the behaviour I’m looking for.

Any suggestions? Tutorial? What should I look into?

I don’t need to create a realistic simulation so I don’t mind if when they fall they continue their running cycle I just want them to start falling according to the edge of the floor and to gravity.

Regarding realistic simulation can you also let me know if a result like the one saw at sec 0:39 in the video linked above is possible in Blender? Is it possible to have characters colliding into objects and between themselves and starting to behave like they were rigid or soft bodies?