CrowdRender Add on in 2.83 Home Render-farm producing a blank result

Has anyone had problems with this add-on. I have installed it and followed all the instructions. I have added 2 other Macs in my wireless network and set up a render farm. Results are faster, but the Render result comes back completely blank… So frustrated… I have made sure that my file has all the external data packed into the file. It renders perfectly on my own machine… Any advice would be welcome including alternative ways to set up a render farm at home with 3-4 computers…


Works superbly for me, but I am using Win10Pro, so your mileage may vary. Check in to their forum and post a request of help, they are very responsive to me, but I donate, and use their most recent versions. I also find that when I get ‘hiccups’ I go into the dedicated folders on each of the stations and purge the temporary folders before connecting and re-syncing them together.