CrowdRender needs support to stay afloat

CrowdRender is an awesome add-on for network rendering (currently I think the best one at least for single frame renders).

Since its beginning a few years ago, it hasn’t gotten much financial support from its users but last week, its developers have been asking for urgent help on their crowdfunding which, if insufficient, may require them to shut down the project (which would be bad news for people like me).

Even if this add-on is not useful to you right now, it may be for your future projects, in which case I encourage you to give it some thought. Donating as little as a 4$ per month can save it, if enough people do it.
Here’s the crowdfunding page:

and here’s their latest update video:

I use this add-on for my daily job and could not do it nearly as efficiently any other way. An online renderfarm is not an option for me and any other network rendering tool out there that still works doesn’t do it nearly as well as CrowdRender.

Feel free to ask me about it and thank you for your attention.


Thanks so much for this mate :slight_smile: we honestly had no idea the addon had such an impact in people’s lives. Its so great to hear its useful, and we appreciate it so much that you’ve taken time out to spread the word.

We’ve seen more donations coming in, we’re still a long way off our target, but each day we’re seeing more life saver donations happening and its given us hope that we’ll be sustainable at last!!

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As a developer at CrowdRender I really appreciate your active attitude to keeping us doing what we’re doing. It’s a great thing to see and I really hope we can get the support we need to keep going.


Update, we’re now about 1/3 of the way to our first goal of meeting the operational costs of the project. This is so great! Its super encouraging that the addon is valued and people want to save it.

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Update (from received email):
The crowdfunding now has a deadline : it will continue until end of this January, after which it will be decided whether they can keep working on this project or not.

But it’s definitely not played out yet! They’ve reached 342$/month of their 750 goal, so please share while there’s still time !

:point_up:Important point for those who may not know:

this add-on is meant to become open source no matter what happens, though obviously no one can keep its development going as actively as the current team does and there’s no certainty anyone would take back the project if the main team left it.

As they say, and I’m confident it’s true, if they reach that goal, we ain’t seen nothing yet.

Happy blending

Worthy of support as it is excellent and works superbly for me, Win10Pro, and three(3) workstations. We need to support Addons that we find useful to sustain the Open Source community development.

I agree. In fact, I think the blender foundation is now doing fine with all the big corporate sponsors. The same could not be said about add-on developers. So I prefer to donate to them.