Crowdrender releases 0.1.7 - free render farm/distributed rendering software SUPPORTS 2.8!

Hi there :slightly_smiling_face:

We’ve released an update to our free render farm software. Lots of fixes for stability/usability, plus we now have basic support for projects that use multiple scenes. Aaannnddd, we now support blender 2.8!

We are still in the early stages of the project, it is alpha software. We’d welcome anyone that wants to share feedback with us to do so either directly with us on our website, or leave a comment below :slight_smile:

You can download the software here -> (you do need to register for an account, but this is free)

Also, see a short promo video, showing the dev team, the software and some animations the community has done using the addon, here’s the link ->

Thanks everyone who’s donated to development, tested, shared feedback, this has been awesome and has made our project possible :smiley: