Crowdrender v018 | Network Rendering/Render farm software | update for 2.80 and 2.81

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve found a bug in v017 that made render nodes (computers you connect to for rendering faster) exit when making simply changes to the scene, like moving a camera, object or changing their properties.

This has now been fixed in v018, (note, the add-on still in alpha) which can be downloaded for free here ->

We’ll keep updating our software regularly, we’re really interested in your feedback, so please drop by our website and leave your thoughts on where we can improve, or vote up a comment that someone else left. We’re listening, and building software for you guys :slight_smile:

You can find the current discussion about features here -

We’d love to hear from you, even if its to hear you vent your frustration (sometimes ppl find it doesn’t work for them, which is fair, I’ll be transparent, this is alpha software still :slight_smile: )

Thanks everyone!


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