Crown Molding Pack v2.0

I’ve been working on some interior renders, and wanted a better, faster way to add crown molding and trim into my scenes. My first ever add-on was just released, the Crown Molding Pack. It now takes 3 seconds to add crown molding and trim into my scenes.


Here’s a quick demo video -

And here’s the product page on Blender Market -


How will this work with your addon? [Addon] NoodlesTools - CurveLib Polysweeper as well. Thanks

I’ll have to investigate, but they should work together fine.

Your addon works with all the other blender molding addons and extends all their functions. Thanks for making it Jeff.

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My pleasure, and thanks for the follow up!

Hello, I just purchased your crown molding pack. I’m creating a room and I selected the ceiling to add crown molding but I get 2 issues.

  1. I get a message at the bottom saying " Unable to auto add and bevel object manually set in path and object Data > geometry > Bevel > object.

  2. I know that’s where I should see all the different molding but I don’t see any. Just Ceiling and dimensions.

Is there something I’m doing wrong? Do I need to re-download the pack?

Hey! I replied to you on BlenderMarket, but just in case anyone else is having the same issue:
You should append the crown molding objects. Here’s how to do that:

I have all the documentation in the documentation tab here -

Let me know if you’re still having issues.

Thank you so much for the quick reply!!

I thought I did this the first time but this helped and worked.

Thank You!!!

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I’ve released the Crown Molding Pack v2.1, with 99 unique paths now. That’s twice as many as before!

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I just released the Crown Molding Pack v2.2, with an awesome new feature for the add-on, and 138 unique paths now.

It’s now super fast to change curve profile paths, which has always been a feature I wanted to add.


Get the latest version on BlenderMarket

Even before this major update, this was my favorite molding addon for blender. Well worth the investment. Thanks Jeff

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Thanks for the kind words, Brent!

Here’s an image of the new paths (in red) and the picture frames.

Jeff this addon is a huge contribution to Blender. Thanks again.

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