Took roughly all day to make this.

3000x1200, 500 samples.

Any ideas on how to get the strawberry to blend into the scene better? It looks almost like it’s photoshopped on top of it. I render 2 render layers and combined them in the compositor so I could do one, B/W, and the other (the strawberry) could be full color and I could adjust the color.

I would render the strawberry in a diferent layer and adding a lower value of saturation to it, it look like it need more roughnes in the materials too, the render is interesting.


Did some editing in gimp. Does this look better? Worse?

I added some softglow on the strawberry, reduced the saturation, and added some noise to make it feel more like a photo.

Wow, that is exactly what I was thinking abouth, now it look too blured, thats my opinion but as this is an artwork I think You should let it like You think it is ok, not as I think it.

Thanks for your help! I’m trying to find how I like it at the moment, haha. I just can’t seem to get it quite right. I’ll keep playing with it! Thanks again!

I’m going to try not to turn this into a WIP thread but, I’m doing a lot of work to this scene to make it a bit better. I changed the dimensions to 1280x800 (more square) any idea on something I could add to balance out the extra bottom space with a guiding line of some sort?