Crtl+Mouse Click to Deselect (and select last selected)


Is there a way how to Crtl+Mouse click to deselect in outliner?
Now it’s work like Ctrl+MClick you select object then ctrl+mclick you deselect selected object.
So you need to click two times to do one operation.

However, in Viewport you just Ctrl+MClick and immediately deselect object.

Err, in viewport, ctrl+click does something else entierly. It’s shift+click in viewport. And if an object is selected, but not active, first shift+click will make it active, and second one deselect it. Same for outliner with ctrl+click. No “good” way around it since Blender relies heavily on having an active object.

Oops, sorry, I have changed ctrl+click to deselect in 3d View since 2.8 and forget about it. Because I didn’t get what default ctrl+click and alt+click does.

But, example with default keymap.
As you can see I deselect objects and then move selected, but when I try to edit, it include last deselected object. (I think it is still considered as selected.)

So the question is how, after deselecting, make the blender select the last selected object?
I think it’s more logical.

No, it isn’t selected. It’s active. Active object in Blender doesn’t have to be selected. And this is not something that you can “just” change, it’s core functionality.
Blender doesn’t keep track of object selection order, except for setting the active object (i.e. last one you clicked or shift+clicked, etc.), nor do bulk selection operations (box, lasso, circle) - where there’d even be no sense of “last” selected object.

Active object is the one you see the properties of, it’s the source of current mode, of linking operations, can be the target of snapping and a few other transform operators.

Yes, it does require extra clicks, but it is what it is.

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As said @Stan_Pancakes it’s the main core. When I understood that a long time ago. My modeling workflow and animating workflow changed a lot. I did not use 3d cursor a lot now. Because the transformation relative to active element make my last selected vertex(for example) the center of my transformation.
Or for bones in invert kinematic the last unselected one makes it able to orbit around.
Ex: select first foot ctrl and after select deselect the up leg. You can pose a high kick without keying the uplegbone and use this precise orbiting point.

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