Crucial MX100 SSD

Bought new SSD drive.
Of course I took photo of it and as I shared it to the social media, my friend joked about it being modeled and rendered.
Well…So I modeled it. :smiley:
Next I’ll photograph the textures for it from the actual package it came with. Then the tedious texturing. Then I can continue with the Miura.

UV-mapping done. Some fast texturing to pinpoint the placeholders for the actual textures.
Maybe I even make hdri from one of the rooms of my home as I found nice photo mode from my smart phone (LG G2) called “VR Panorama”. With that I can take full HDRI from one of the rooms. Of course it’s kinda low quality “HDRI”, but should be enough for the lighting and reflections.

Everything textured so it just need some tweaking and it’s completed.


I’ve actually been wanting to try that HDR mode out (I have the same function on my phone), so I’m curious to see how it turns out…

It works outdoors suprisingly well and indoors it needs quite big room to function correct. In small spaces the hdri starts to make odd combinations from the taken pictures but it should still work for the lighting purposes.

Are you using only an HDR-Image to light the scene?

No. There are three emmission planes with only 0.5 - 1 emission to give some more highlights.