Crucial MX100 SSD

Here’s some render of Crucial MX100 SSD -drive.
Bought one and decided to model one too.

Textures are my own photos (outcluding the table texture) that I took from the package itself. HDRI I used for lighting is own made too (with Androids VR Panorama).

The materials are very realistic, good job. I think something about the wood texture suggests that it is just an image, possibly that it needs a bit more bump, not sure though. I really can’t find anything else wrong with it…well done.

Oh thank you. Yeah there is just a touch of bump map as I decided to leave the table smooth with a coat of lacquer.

Ahh, the fast, the long living, the newly introduced, SSDs. This looks like a real life photo! Really nice job! I may make a 3D model of my old laptop from 1998. :eyebrowlift2:

Thank you! Yeah, sometimes it’s nice to model something ordinary and maybe a bit “dull”. :smiley:
Nice practice.

OK Icon…wave your magic wand … make it real …and send it my way :slight_smile: I wish I had one for my rig.

It really came out very nice.

Haha! Thanks! My magic wand is in the drawer and can’t get it right now …But i really can recommend that you get SSD. It really makes the (Windows) startup and overall performance better! Best 100 euros I’ve used long time.

now i just need a 3D printer and… oh wait… very good looking thought