Crucible animation Finished with sound. EEVEE!

I’m making a new Udemy course (not Blender but Illustrator CC related). I’m focusing on Black Friday so need a good promotional video. I have a concept ready and also made a mock up animation.
In case it is not clear: It’s a fluid being poured into a mold, the mold cracks and explodes and then an object appears.

Any advice on materials? I want it to be as realistic as possible. I need a glowing hot very rusted mold bucket, and a metal mold like you see in a blast furnace. Would a combi of procedural and crunch textures do? What shal I do with the back ground? My thought was some out of focus construction work like in an old factory.

C&C very welcome!

story board

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A start at modelling the crusable

A crucible is a container that can withstand very high temperatures

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Some progress today. Never did much hard surface work like this and I’m pretty okay with the result. Next is some sculpting. Some damage and dirt and also the welds that hold the brackets in place.

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Todays progress. I Sculpted the crucible and the welds that hold the brackets.


you can always use an indastrial hdri or just use some volemtric lighting in a black BG

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Wooohaahahhaha! Good you notice that. Although I get caught in my own traps at times. I was sculpting and doing to much detail on one part. Result: it looked odd and inconsistent. So erase, rewind and again :slight_smile:

Yes, even though it is not much it helps a lot in the end to keep you on track right?

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I was thinking about an industrial HDRi… But I also found some awesome reference. So I think I will rebuild something like that with less detail and use volumetric lighting and DOF as you both suggested.

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Progress! Modelling is done and the materials are all set up.
Again CC welcome!

In the end I ditched the HDRi because the scene is a factory and the HDRi did not gave the right atmosphere and to much light overall. So I placed several lights to have full control. I also used precomp for “volumetrics” and depth because of render time (this is for an animation).

A 4k version

Now I have to bake everything from procedural to PBR-textures. I hate that :smiley:

And since I baked to PBR textures why not try EEVEE. Needs a little adjustment on some of the combined textures but getting there. Amazed by the state of 2.8. It just works! Wooooww!

Can I just scream that I love Eevee and 2.8!

Jeej! It’s finished!Timing optimised and sounds added. Rendered with EEVEE! :slight_smile: