Render is pure Blender 2.42.

Thank you for viewing my work,


that is beautiful…

wonderful use of colours, and shapes. :slight_smile:

the topic reminds me of an old joke,
Q…“what is the diffrence between a crucifyed person, an an oil painiting of a crucifyed person?”

A… “it only takes one nail to hang a painting”


p00f, that was kinda of an inappropriate joke since RobertT is most likely referring to the death of a specific person here…


Simply beautiful work!

The Cyborg Dragon? MUHAHAHAHA

Robert, you could use more details on your hands there. It seem’s that you haven’t done your homework about anatomi.

Look at that thumb. It bent all unnatural. Assuming that you got a nail thrue your hand it would probably be more bent towards the palm.

Good work once again! You really have settled on your very own unique style.

A bit too confusing for my taste though, but good!

p00f: I appreciate the feedback on the colors and shapes.

Jason H: Thank you very much. My focus during this project was more on the act, symbolism, and meaning of crucifixion.

bigbad: Imagine the hand was broken, as this was total crucifixion. Everything is as intended, stylistic not realistic since I’m going more for symbolism here (or else there would be far more realistic elements, such as blood).

The M.h.p.e.: Thank you so much. Having Blender to explore all these ideas has been such a blessing. This can be a tough one, but some clues to what this image might be considering are in the title.


This one is not one of your best imo. The colors seem a little bland and as Mhpe said there is a lot going on in this image. Also the lack of definition takes away I think. But, alas, I have a sneaking suspicion that I am missing something important in your picture that brings all my expositions to clarity.

hmm, I dont like this as much as your others. I couldn’t do it, but you can do better

I shouldn’t be saying this but. . .if it’s supposed to be Scriptural, his hand can’t be broken “none of His bones were broken”.(but don’t worry about it it could be out of joint) But if it’s a general crucifiction without a person in mind, yeah, it would be likely to be broken. Anyways, I enjoyed this piece. The composition keeps your eyes wandering and following all the curves which end abruptly and then [my] eyes bounce back up the the spike and the hand.

Woodman5k: Thanks for the feedback. Without getting too much into trying to explain this particular one, I’ll just say everything is as it is, as it must be, for the ideas that inspired this piece :wink:

Yoeri: I know what you mean. This is one of the less aesthetically pleasing ones, but the nature of the piece, the thinking behind it, required this exact approach.

san_diego_james: Thank you, and yes, to clarify, this is not Scriptural but rather focusing on the act of crucifixion, and not with the well known crown of thorns in the background but more of a wall of thorns.


Great, simply great! I love personally love that you hit every detail of that whole situation without being too grusom. I mean you have the blood and the nails, yet you have the sun as if a new dawn is rising. I love it.

While artistically speaking it has its merits, I have to side with Bigbad that the anatomy of the hand has room for improvement. Please, don’t try to make excuses about it being broken. While I do respect your artistic vision, and the sheer size of your ever-growing portfolio of many wonderful pieces (especially as of late) allow me to make the bold statement that organic modeling is not exactly where your strength lies.

Although you said you were going for stylistic and not realistic, you could still have the hand appear less like a piece of clay. Also, the background is confusing because it appears as though the nails are laying a surface but the only thing on the “ground” is the background image, which doesnt interface with the objects in any way, so everything is just floating?

Otherwise, good work RobertT.

3dak: Thank you very much.

Aristotle: Thanks for taking the time to respond to my work. The “broken” aspect was just a suggestion of another way of imagining things, but I appreciate your point of view. The modeling direction this took, to go another step to explaining this image, which I really did not want to do at this point, came more from the idea of the spirit of something/someone being thoroughly crucified: I believe any more definition would have corrupted the requisite androgyny and interpretability of the main concept I had in mind and brought this piece to a far more literal, limited, and physical thing, which I could not have without sacrificing the core idea of this being more than just a person or something prone to a more Scriptural analysis if it were more male in resemblance, for example. There is no background image, just a z-blur render node on many mesh thorns behind and below the suspended figure, which hangs in a sort of puppet-like fashion, since this is, in one sense, society turning upon and destroying the individuality they cannot absorb, control, and make into their own image. “Crucifixity” was conceived to be more surreal and cautionary, as if to say this hand could be anyone’s hand, or a placeholder for anything that does not fit the expectations/preceived notions or demands of others. How fixed society is at risk of becoming accustomed to such crucifixion mentality and comfortable with its destructive/homogeneous tendencies whenever individuality/creativity/potential difference/or deconstructive différance (a la Derrida)/noncompliance arises is something with which this image is partly concerned.


Wow Robert, to be honest I wasn’t anticipating such a depth behind the concept for your image. Although now i’m pleasantly surprised. Very interesting, I suppose now my only complaint is that those screws are floating in midair, but otherwise, nicely done and thanks for the explanation.

Hi, I Like!
Very dark, certainly not usual stuff but a thought provoking, bold, dark and symbolic peice. As always a quality work from a craftsman!
Thanks RobertT. “Inspirational Every Time”


I think that it’s a very nice piece, very artistic, and that quite a few of the negative comments seem out-of-place. Viewing the image strictly for what it is, I think it poses a very interesting effect. (And let us remember that crucifixion was a standard method of execution throughout the Roman Empire, used thousands of times, not just once.)

Looking generally at the picture, I find myself thinking that there’s not quite enough visual separation between the hand and the background, especially on the right side of the frame. A little rim-shadow would be nice there. And, perhaps, a very slight adjustment of the materials used in the hand vs. the wood … just so that when the two objects are adjacent there’s a clear separation between the two. I understand the intention to be surrealistic, so the distinction ought to be very slight.

The thumb appears to be foreshortened somehow, although the object in front of it prevents this from being entirely objectionable.

Stepping back again from it, I look at it and ask, “Does this image say something interesting and thought-provoking, in a visually interesting way that makes good use of the medium?” And I would definitely answer, yes.

I do enjoy looking at artwork wherein computer-graphics techniques are used as a means to an end, paying homage to traditional art/painting techniques, without attempting to be noticeable as being “electronic.” This is a great example.

I particularly admire the composition. The eye is immediately drawn down the arm, to the two objects in the palm, alternating between the greater and lesser one. The eye notices the close similarity of texture between the two (now-inanimate) objects: the wood and the dead hand. The twirling vines or ribbons are a classic device. And the nails serve as pointers, arrows.

It’s a very arresting and powerful image. You are an artist.

I recommend that this image be moved to the Gallery. :slight_smile: