Cruiser Bike

Just polished off this model of my personal bicycle. While it’s rather accurate to the real thing for the most part I did make a few customizations such as the shield on the front of the bike, the product name and, believe it or not, the real bike’s frame is constructed from aluminum rather than adamantium :slight_smile:

I took over 80 reference photos of my bike whilst modeling. A few areas are basically guesses though, the back of the derailleur for instance, I had trouble being able to see what it looked like and I wasn’t about to take apart the bike to get a good shot :). All in all I would say the derailleur was the single toughest part of this whole project, but am quite pleased with how it turned out.

This scene probably took a good month to build and includes 337 objects, the chain has about 120 or so links. Rendered with Cycles for 1,135 passes over the course of 9 and three quarter hours.

You can download this model from my site linked in my signature. I also uploaded the model to Blend Swap, you can grab it here.

Comfortable Seat Cushion:

Metal Brake Levers:

Single Pivot Side-Pull Breaks:

P.S. This is actually one of the cheapest bike’s available from Walmart, the Kent Del Rio. The Walmart page lists the bike as including V-Brakes, but actually has Single Pivot Side-Pull brakes. I sent an e-mail to walmart about their site having incorrect information about the bike and they just blew me off.


P.S. I know I said the derailleur was probably the single most complicated part, but for the record it’s actually several different pieces. It’s the apparatus that physically moves the chain from one gear to another.

This is really nice work man

wow look awesome and now make a colnago master :smiley:

love bikes. moar bikes!!! omnomnomn

Thanks for the compliments all. Just took a look at the Colnago Master, looks like a helluva ride, might take on that project some day, but for the time being I think I’m going to do a few new banner images for my site and get back to work on some low poly space ships :slight_smile:

Blend Swap approved the model so you can now grab this model from my site or from Blend Swap.