Crumble a sandstone formation

I built some sandstone rock formations using the rock generator. I am now searching for a way to crumble them.

The player’s goal is to power up a laser to just the right amount to crumble the formation into mineable/profitable sizes. It’s possible to overpower the laser and drill/vaporize a hole through the rock. This waste energy and time to recharge the laser. Under powering the laser would be not as effective and would require additional attempts at blasting the larger pieces.

So, I need to crumble the rock in small and/or large pieces.

I’m still searching the forum and docs to see if I can figure this out. In the mean time, I’ll post this query with the hope that I can find direction from you experts.

Try using the fracture add-on. You can find it in the user preferences (Ctrl - Alt - U), and break up your sandstone formation into as many pieces as you’d like (though it is of course limited by what your computer can handle) :yes: Here’s a tutorial that I found a while back that might help you out:

Hope this helps :smiley:

Thank you. I needed the tutorial! This should work.