Crumbling Cliff Side

Does anyone know how to make a crumbling cliff side?

The example would be an unstable cliff side that is falling.
The animation that I intend to do would be the cliff side shakes and the edge of it falls down a bit, then pauses for a few seconds before the rest of the cliff side falls.
This is also something that can probably be used for other things that break that aren’t planes.
I don’t want an explosion, just something to break without the need for a collision or something to smash against it.

I’ve seen the sinkhole tutorial and though it is good, it’s not what I’m trying to do. See, all the videos that I have seen involve somewhat flat planes, but this cliff side that I intend to use is supposed to be, how should I say, not “planey”. Yes, I’ve tried a cube and even tried something that is shaped like a cliff side, but the thing with those is that they are hollow. If I leave them as is, then it looks like the cliff side is hollow and not only that but the planes that are emitted from the breaking cube are completely flat. If I try to use a solidify modifier with them then the planes that pass through each other, like the ones on the corners, deform like crazy and become a size much larger than it should be.