Crumple plane into ball?

Hi All,

I am trying to do a crumpled paper effect and wonder if anyone has any tips. The image should be laying flat as a plane then crumple up into a ball.

I am thinking along the lines of a heavily subdivided plane with a noise displacement but I am not sure how to change it into a sphere shape (some kind of shape keys?)


You could try something like this

Neat, my initial thought was the cloth simulator but I was draping it over a sphere. Now that I see the bowl technique from the posted video, that makes more sense.

One problem I did run into was that if I add a basis shape key before I make the plane a cloth object I can not apply the final cloth modifier because the shape key exists. I was hoping to morph between them. Do you know of a work around for using shape keys with cloth?

I have not tried this, but what about trying to do it ‘in reverse’ … start with a flat cloth plane, and then apply a force field that pulls it into a sphere? With the cloth simulation and not too many subdivisions maybe it would crumple nicely? Especially if the crumple divisions were random.

Good luck!


Have you tried not adding a basis shape key to your plane, then go to the keyframe that has the cloth shape you want and apply that as shape key. This will add a basis key and a cloth key.

Quick test … the cloth/forcefield/reverse idea works well.
You need to play with the cloth settings.
Use a very strong force field to gather the cloth.
I started using the cotton presets and then experimenting from there {sorry, I lost the ones I was using when I hit the apply and I did not record them}

As AlanK mentions above - set the basis shape key at the beginning, and then apply the cloth as a shape key when it looks right {the cloth tends to bounce around}

Just read the initial post again … no need to reverse the shape keys! You want to go from flat to shape-key.