Crumpling a mesh?

Hey folks,

I am making some baggy pants. Currently, they are the rather standard rubber tube look that I’m sure we’re all familiar with. I am using cloth simulation to get the finer wrinkles, but the sim isn’t going to give me larger bunches. To make the pants a bit more interesting, I want to give them some more shape and folds before running the cloth sim (especially where they bunch up over the boots they are tucked into.) In short, I want to crumble the mesh up a bit, but I want control over which areas of the pants get crumpled, how much, and which axis get crumpled. I could just do this by hand, but it’d be tedious, and slow, especially since I may be making a lot of other pairs of pants too.

I come from using Cinema 4D. In that program, there is a tool called crumple which does exactly what I’m looking for here. Is there a blender equivalent?

there is a script equivalent i think to crumple
check out the wiki scripts section
or the forum on scripts here

but not certain it will do what you want

you could add a wave modfiier also it might help a little!

or use the laplacian modifier which can also deform things!

there is the new modifier being work on right now for morphing !

also did you try the fluid sim or the new rigid body system?

happy blendering

Thanks! I was able to find a script called Mesh Mangler. It does what I want, but only to entire objects in Object mode. I want to be able to designate which vertices to crumple in edit mode, as I do not want to crumple the entire object.

Wave and laplacian modifiers don’t seem to be doing what I’m after. Fluid and rigid body systems are great, but also don’t do it. Are there any other posibilities?

Try Cloth and Shape keys to form crumples. This tutorial shows you how. You do need to unselect the parts you don’t want it to crumple.

Hey Ridix, that’s really cool. It doesn’t do what I want exactly (as I’m trying to crumple a pair of pants without re-sculpting or shrinking them, and without disrupting select parts of them) but it does look like a really useful technique for the future.