Crunched Rendering

Hello all,

I have recently had a problem come up in one of my files which makes my rendering lose quality. What is happening is that when rendering lets say a 800x600px image the rendering window pops up black with the full 800x600 however it renders the entire image in the bottom 400x300 half so it looks smashed. At the end of the rendering it then takes the image and stretches it the entire 800x600 to get the correct image size. Now the image looks ok after the stretch but when going for high quality prints it just wont fly. I am thinking it is a small button somewhere i clicked because it has been rendering normal the past 2 weeks.

Any help is appreciated!

Thanks a lot.

Your render size is set to 100% right?

Is the final image the right size? I mean… does it look like it was rendered at the right size, or just stretched out to be the right size?

You don’t have interlacing turned on do you?

Thanks for the quick reply.

The rendering is set to100%

The final image is the correct size. It looks like Blender is squeezing the entire 800x600 image into the bottom 400x300 of the render window (the window is the full 800x600). The top 400x300 is black/empty. After the rendering is done it stretches the image (just as if you were to stretch a jpeg in photoshop) and makes it fit the full 800x600. The image comes out looking just as if you were to stretch the jpeg in photoshop.

In short the horizontal pixels are fine but it renders the vertical pixels at 1/2 size.

I cant find the interlace button - where would it be located? I will keep searching.

Thanks again.

Make sure Fields is NOT enabled:

We have a winner!

My fields was enabled. What is that used for?

Thank you both for your help.