Crusader Kings 2 - Trailer & Breakdown

Hello, we at Istudios Visuals made our twelfth trailer for Paradox Interactive, and as usual we used Blender! :wink:




Hope you like it!


This is crazy cool done. While looking at your breakdown I could even see more quality behind the finished render. The caveat dark shading in wrinkles and such kinda lowers the final piece. It’s like halfway “borderland” game series. Just look at 17s in from the breakdown video and it shows how good the model really is.

Thanks! :slight_smile: Yeah some details gone missing in the final look, we aimed for a darker look that would fit the atmosphere of the story :slight_smile:

Congratulations for the job well done, I initially thought it was done with the photo-mapping , then I saw the second video, and I must say you did a good job, and good to see day after day people use Blender professionally