Crushed energy drink can, maybe for tutorial

Hello guys!, this my render of a crushed can in a scene, all was modelled by me, the textures are mine also, exept for the ground, that is from cgtextures. I am planing to do a tutorial for this, but I dont know if the image looks appealing or intresting. also, any mistake, something wrong let me know immediatly, any advice will also be welcome.

looks nice but the way the can has been “crushed” doesn’t look very realistic. if it was crushed part of it would be flattened, the can in this render looks like its been twisted more than anything. I would flatten the middle or compact it, maybe with a tire mark to link the can to the car in the background?
good work so far though, the flattening is the only real problem i see here, nice textures as well!

I would suggest making the street a little less bumpy.

Also maybe bokeh would work better than blur.

the can looks pretty good, if overdone. Thatimster is right that it doesn’t look realistic, normally if you crush a can in your fist it buckles at the center only. yours looks like it has been stomped flat then pulled out again. if it has been run over then if totally flat, the top an bottom would be facing the same direction and the can itself would have a severe crease parallel to the edges of the base/top rings. a half flattened can would have its base perpendicular to the top and the cylinder of the can would be a v along the edge with a scalloped curve between the two edges where the metal has stretched and buckled. check references for the look you are going for

well, maybe the mistake is in the naming, maybe, twisted can is more accurate, the shape was generated by an cloth simulation to look like somebody crushed it by hand, not the car. thank you esalberg for the constructive critique, I will keep it in mind