Cry for help!

I had some ftp space at that someone on this forum gave me (I forget who)
and now it comes up with a page listing “pub” and “mail” without asking a password… so I went to the address it shows when I’m in my ftp thing…
ftp://[email protected]/ and tried typing in the password I usually put in, and no luck…

please, whoever gave me the web space, get in touch with me… did you remove my space? did the server do something like reset? HELP!

(my email is: [email protected] )

the help would be MUCH appreciated :slight_smile:

do a whois search on the domain name.


what is a whois search? sorry for my idiocy… I’ve never ran a server, and know absolutely nothing about em’…

this is not jepardy.

google is beautiful, and most likely quicker in answering your question than i.

go to Godaddy and type in the domain tname then click on the “more info” button or somthing like that.


imagine that… the server get’s busy doin’ something so I can’t access it :expressionless: hopefully just maintenance and I’m just getting paranoid…

I am no expert, but to me it looks as it was a “home-server” via, but I am not sure…at you can have a dynamic ip at your homecomputer sending the IP to that system they have, so no matter what IP that server has, the is the same…

but I hope someone here can help you