Cry for help!

I upgraded to Blender 2.45 from 2.44, and heres a warning: DON’T!!! I cant go to my desktop withot it needing to “close unexpectedly”! I have last more than 20 hours of work since I installed it, since It also “closes unexpectedly” for no reason just as your making progress!!!

So if any decent person out ther could plzplzplzpzlzplzpzlz find a way to get my blendcer 2.44 back plz tell me!!!:(:(:frowning:

ok, take a step back.
what os are you using?
what are your system specs?
did you get 2.45 from
did you install straight over 2.44? (best to delete or move to another folder first)
have you deleted your 2.55 install? (delete the entire blender folder & start again)
do you have Python 2.5 installed?
if on windows do you have the new required .dlls (download availiable on )

Well, they removed some GE stuff when they went from 2.43 to 2.44. I wish they hadn’t.
(Form factor, anisotropic stuff = material settings control the physic properties of an object)

I use Windows XP proffesional

My system specs are ok, they worked for the other blender versions

no, I haven’t deleted it

I did get 2.45 from

I first uninstalled 2.44

I dont have python

I cant find the .dlls on their site

I wont solve your problems with 2.45 but you can download 2.44 here if you really need to.

Look on that page at the paragraph below the Windows download links. If those files don’t solve your problem then you have a Display problem. Check AntiAliasing and Filters are off, use the Default Mouse Pointer (no shadows or other options), try a different Hardware Acelleration setting and/or find a Video Card Driver that works.

The older versions probably worked because they didn’t have the OpenGL updates in 2.45.


cough that’s because the installer is probably an easier method cough

ok it works now, thx to Gwenouille

I use 2.44 myself . . . lucky for for me!

my bad, I should have been more accurate.
Windows download section: Right underneath the download.
Blender 2.45:

For the Windows build, you may need to install this official update. Vista doesn’t need this, but users of older Windows versions should install it if they experience a crash during startup of Blender.Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (x86)
That would have fixed your problem, most likely.
There is nothing wrong with Blender 2.45 & it is a much better build than 2.44.
If you don’t have the microsoft package installed, download the installer & install it.
The package was also part of microsoft automatic updates some time ago.
If you have an illegitimate version of windows you can still download sp2 installer & or the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (x86) without getting busted.
Blender also gains better functionality if you have Python installed.

I upgraded to Blender 2.45 from 2.44, and heres a warning: DON’T!!!
open your eyes next time before downloading something & complaining it doesn’t work.