I decided to try out Cryblend and was able to get it to work , somewhat. No matter what I try, I cannot seem to export my textures to CryEngine. Does anyone else have experience with this?

I figured it out. I thought I’d post it if anyone else has problems with it. It turns out that even though Blender can make textures using many different file types, CryEngine can only handle tiff and psd files and the exporter cannot convert them.

I saw the Cryblend exporter on Blender Nation. So what else would I need to make use of this? Do I need a cry engine game or some kind of SDK?

You’ll need the SDK, which is available here. There is also a forum topic which has a lot of good info.

i have the same problem with the textures, so how i can export a already textured model from blender to ce 3 ? do i need .tiff/.psd texture formats ?
i tryed to add .dds textures in blender to the model, i also tryed .tiff, and after i export it to ce3 the model is there but the texture doesn’t show up, how to fix this ?

Sometimes you need to manually link the texture files with the materials in the material editor.