CryEngine V Realeased

The latest iteration of CryEngine, CryEngine V, was released a few days ago. (No idea where CryEngine 4 is… I guess it’s just a windows 10 sort of thing where they skip numbers when creating new versions…). CryEngine has always been praised as providing some of the best graphics in the industry, but has never supported Blender, or any 3d modeling software other than MAX. Perhaps with a new release, general .fbx support will be considered? Thoughts?

Heres a link to the Cryengine V article:

My bad.
when I searched “CryEngine V blender artists” on google nothing valid came up, so I assumed a thread hadn’t been started. Next time I’ll just use Blender Artist’s search bar. :wink:

You should have googled with the terms below: “CryEngine V”


No idea where CryEngine 4 is…

Obviously, CE5 is one louder than UE4.

Just turn it up to 11. :3

CryEngine V’s "V"is for Virutal-Reality, somewhere in documents is written about it (do not know where).

Ugh. I hate it when companies skip version numbers. It’s so stupid only a marketing department could come up with it.

What a coincidence! Many many years back (1991), Leisure Suit Larry 4 was “skipped” when 5 was released:

fbx import - example Blender to CryE :slight_smile: