Crying about cloth

I am just having a maddening time with cloth. First of all creating a vertex group, adding a new hook and then adding it to the pin group well in cloth just stretches the verts out and doesn’t seem to effect the cloth as a whole at all. The hook effector IS first in the stack. So I try to start over by deleting the vert group and hooks and the cloth acts like everything is still there so I try to delete the cache and that doesn’t even work. What the hell am I doing wrong.

When you bake a cache, it locks everything in. Any changes you make don’t have an effect until you delete the cache and re-bake the sim.

If you want to use hooks:

  • Add the hook item
  • Add the hooked verts to the Pin group
  • Animate your hook’s movement
  • Bake the cloth sim

If you can post more about what exactly you’re trying to do, then perhaps more can be said.

So basically what I need to do is have a piece of cloth drape over a piece of furniture. Then to start my animation I need to do a 360 camera move around the chair and then pull the cloth off to reveal the chair. So I am having three problems. One is how do I get my cloth to be in its initial draped state on frame 1 but remain dynamic for the reveal. Two is how do I add pins and hooks to this already deformed cloth and third is the before mentioned stretching of the verts. I am dying for Blender to have a way to set the initial state of a sim like you can do in Cinema but I can’t seem to figure out the workflow for this in Blender.

Thanks for your help.

First question; drop the cloth onto furniture and pick a good frame then apply all modifiers, top to bottom.

Second; After you applied the modifiers get a new empty, go into edit mode, select some verts and hook to the empty.

Third; I think either you need subdivisions or you need to stop the animation, go to the first frame, and re-bake.

Wouldn’t applying all the modifiers remove all the dynamics and basically turn it into a mesh? Or are you saying Re-apply the cloth modifier to the pre-positioned cloth once I have it the way I like it?

Yes, in the draped form… Then you can apply the cloth to the draped form and add hooks and pin and pull it off the furniture.

I never thought of that. Thanks for the suggestion. Doing a long render right now but I will try that and let you know if I can get it to work!

That’d be great.

I am still having problems with my hooks. Even after baking all I get is this stretching of the verts. I think this idea will work for me if I can figure this stretchy vert issue.

Does the hook include all the verts for the pin group? Is the subdivision after the hook? have you animated the empty or are you just pulling on it? I think you have to animate it.

The screen shot is after I baked it. I am going to put up the blend file in a second in case anyone has time to give it a look.

Well I will be damned. It has just decided to start working. The cloth is tearing but I can fix that. I think the issue was I was assigning the vertex group to the hook and not the Empty that was animating which makes a ton of sense now that I think about it.

Great, good luck.