Crying nun

I invested much time in the lighting of this nun, the model is not the greatest, because i focused more on composition. In the past my pictures always lacked of good lighting and composition, but i want to change this

I provided you 3 versions:

This is the first one, here you can see the constellation of the lamps around my objects

this ist the rendered result, i concentrated on the complemetary orange-blue contrast and i really like the blue rim light on the left hand side.

In the postprocess I enhanced the contrast and tried to cover some beautymarks.

I already spotted some huge mesh mistakes like this weird bug at the right eye (normally you should see the pupil like at the right eye), but unless you know a solution to this ONE mistake concentrate on the composition and tell me how to enhance this picture to get this not-so-perfect model into a almost-perfect picture .)

second version, added a lights to enhance the contrast