"Crying Out"

Hey all!
This is an image that I started as just the foreground, but added more to test the environment for animation I will be doing.
The inspiration comes from the entire 142nd Psalm, but I chose just the second verse to nail it down.
You may recognize the character, “Ida”, from my Focused Critique thread and she will be used in the animation. My aim was to be believable, but not entirely photo-realistic. I took the artistic license seriously in such areas as the puddle of tears on the floor and streams on her dress.
After a month’s work, I am ready to present to you: “Crying Out”

…keep it up…seems you have a strong inspiration…should carry you onward…

We don’t see a lot of work with Christian Principles here, the girl praying I see as crying out to God for help.

You can try a little AO and make the shadows much softer to see how it looks.

Couldn’t agree with “Frank the Smith” any better.

Hey, thanks guys. Like I said most of it was a test for the animation. CD, thanks, I’ll remember that. I’m going to present this to my family today, who I made it for.
I thought this would get a huge boo from the atheists, but I guess they stayed away. Most of my work will be of this kind, so I’m glad you all like it! :smiley:

Thanks for the kind comments!

I thought this would get a huge boo from the atheists, but I guess they stayed away.

Most of the athiests wouldn’t bother giving it a huge boo, they’d just boo quietly and not post anything, thus all you hear are great comments from encouraging Christians.

That is just trolling and why would atheist boo anything. I think you should work more and talk less.

@bigbad: Don’t feed the trolls… :wink:

What I like the most in this image are the colors. Soft blue and violet/mauve, it gives both a very peaceful and very ‘lonely’ feeling.
The furniture could have more details, etc. but the composition and colors really make this image a nice one. :slight_smile:
Keep the good work RedJay! :slight_smile:

Yes, the animation I’ll do with it is technically commercial, but you got that it’s lonely. She’s lonely and “thirsty for wisdom and knowledge” as her name “Ida” means. Everything has it’s symbolism around me.

Thank you!