Cryogenic Fuel Bleedoff

So I want to make an image and maybe even an animation of a rocket at a launchpad. When rockets are fueled at launch most use cryogenic fuels or oxiders that boil off at ambient temperatures. These chemicals are heavier then air and drop. Is there any way to simulate this?

Create an object to be the smoke emitter. A simple small plane will do.
Select that emitter plane
object menu / quick effects / smoke
scene tab, scroll down to gravity and reverse the sign to +
alt a (or play button) to run simulations
select small emitter plane, shft D to duplicate and move to another location = more smoke
you can enlarge or reshape the wireframe container that the smoke and emitter are inside of
physics tab, find several adjustments for smoke
try .5 for density and .5 for temp diff
add an empty, single arrow, point at smoke
physics tab, “force” drop down: choose wind - adjust speed and direction