Crypto City Stylized

This isometric city art is called the crypto city. Worked on this for about a month. There’s so much attention to detail which made this all the more intrinsic. Made this art as a tribute to all the top web3 companies I worked with and gave this art away as gift to most of them. Entirely made in blender.

lil breakdown

Used few assets from vencreations- SimplePoly City from cgtrader :slight_smile:


Very nice! Reminds me of the intro of ‘Silicon Valley’ :slight_smile:

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hahah yes! been hearing that a lot :smiley:

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

Very good.

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thanks mate!

Gorgeous! lighting is amazing!

very nice! I love little isometric games and would love to see something like this animated as a loop for a desktop background!

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Appreciate it Garrison :smile:

I reeeally wanted to animate it but its super heavy… maybe some day :grinning:

This is really cool, but crypto is so very dead you should make a post-apocalyptic version as well. Could be incredibly funny to have the before and after as a juxtaposition. And also to make it a cautionary tale… which crypto most certainly is, if ever there were one…

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Really nice! Bravo! What kind of isometric angles did you use?

how do you mean

I mean, there is some different angles you can use in isometric perspective (30°-30°, 45°-25°, etc.)

But you did not mention that you used a ready-made template that you bought from cgtrader, only that you modified it only in order to be a real artist, you must mention the sources of the components of your work, and for everyone who lies to me, this is the link to the work that I use

Hey! Thanks for mentioning that. I used very less actual components from the pack. Also the licensing doesn’t require me to credit creator. I’ve also talked with them. But for your joy, I’ll just add the link. Cheers.

You did not understand what I meant. It is okay to use it in your scenes, but it is better that you mention this in your description. Thank you for your understanding

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really nice. i like this. just not the best timing, crypto is dying.

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