Here is my finished project, a litlle bug:

Better resolution:

Better resolution:

Better resolution:

Rendered with Indigo (40 minutes for the first render, 10 ~ 15 minutes for each others and 35 for the last).



the shader is amazing!!! a little to much water drops i think, but over all a stunning picture

Excellent job and Waow :slight_smile:

very nice shader, good work

Awesome, looks exactly like those shiny bugs, especially from top view.

You must upload bigger rez versions.
It’s a perfect wallpaper, dude.

great work!

Really well done Gabich ! Bravo mon gars :wink:

Wow. Very amazing!

Well, I was unsure about the drops to, do insects really get dew like that? A fast googeling gave some AMAZING images and there could actually be more dew without it being overkill, hehe…

But absolutely stunning. The multispectral shader is just out of this world cool… :smiley:

Lovely render…

…did you use the Blender logo as an environment light? :slight_smile:

all aboard the gallery bus honk honk hmm that was random…this is amazing!!! :slight_smile:

Beautiful image !

It’s nice to see a new render from you again. Excellent btw. Lovely shaders.

Beautiful! And your Totoro work is too! Thanks for the inspiration.

gallery now!

I like every single detail :slight_smile:

This should have more views, more comments… and I had to say this in the gallery section. Awesome.

Excellent work, love the colors and the mood, simply beautiful!


Gorgeous image! I definitely got that “Woah!” impression when seeing this :ba: