This is a photo, give me a break!!!

Really amazing stuff, definitely gallery-worthy :slight_smile:

Fantastic render and featured on BA’s Facebook page

A master piece!!

excellent work, bravo

This… this is amazing.


This is one of the most beautiful renders I’ve ever seen.

WOW Beautiful

Beautiful WORK

That is mind-blowing!

Thanks all!!

FreeMind> I cannot make another render with a bigger resolution, i use the trial version of Indigo which restricted to 0.7 Megapixels.

Wesburke> Good new ! :smiley:

And this is some wire and textured view :

That is gorgeous! Would be super-cool to get as close to this as you can using Cycles.

Easter Egg blender logo in final1

Absolutely beautiful. :yes:

Love the vivid colours, cute little beetle too. :slight_smile:

…really great render…I have taken a macro shot that is almost a carbon copy of this, so there is no overkill at all, very accurate!


I’m wondering, could Cycles give comparable result?

Awesome :smiley:
Tommy5: My guess is: “Not yet.” But eventually it will.

Absolutely Ama-wow-zing!
The texturing and shader are just perfect!

Imho just a little too much dew on the stem, but the amount on the insect is perfect!

With too much dew on the stem I mean: drops of water thís close together (some of them) behave differently, I think.

But congratulations! Pro-Portfolio-stuff

I don’t see why not. There’s still no anisotropic shader in trunk, but there are builds with it and/or also workarounds.