Cryptomat issues


I’m interested in bringing a rendered Blender still into Photoshop with Cryptomat masks. My understanding is that with Cryptomat object pass enabled, each object will have a separate colour mask added to it in Blender. However, despite having multiple objects in my scene, I am only seeing two colour masks in the Blender compositor when I scan through the Cryptomat output layers, as though there were only two objects in my scene.

Have I misunderstood how Cryptomat layers should work in Blender, or is something else going wrong? Perhaps I’m missing a setting somewhere? Would really appreciate any insight, thanks!

Colors are irrelevant because Cryptomatte is a data pass. It’s not a pass to be keyed (unlike Object ID). Instead use a Cryptomatte plugin (or native feature) to read the matte data.
When using a Cryptomatte reader, you should be shown contrasting colors based on the object locations. Although it may look like using a color picker for selection it’s actually selecting a reference to the target object based on where you click.

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Not sure if you’re already using this, but have a look at this:
Exr-IO 2.00 | Exr-IO free Photoshop OpenEXR plug-in

The Object ID works great, thank for the tip!