Cryptomatte 1.0 released!

tested a bit and crypto is realy realy cool. but crashes when matte is connected to alpha and picking remove in compositor. But realy great. If it will work without crashes… thanks a lot for doing this crypto thing!!!.

What means asset btw. in crypto? is it everything that is child of something? cool things here… :slight_smile: cheers

looks very promising, however I only was able to use it for the first time, not sure why. Probably doing something wrong :slight_smile:
I just connected 2 object passes to cryptomate node, with image, picked in the image or scene. Worked like a charm.
Then I wanted to test more, did some dof + motion blur, everything seems to render fine, just I can’t get anything from the node (matte is pure black no matter what I do)

It seems in Fusion, manifest is not recognised. It fails on

local sidecar_path = self.cryptomattes[self.selection][METADATA_KEY_MANIF_FILE]

in cryptomatte_utilities.lua. The plugin itself works fine with Psyop test files.

Or maybe third party compositing tools are not supported?

Currently it is not writing or writing a manifest, that is still on the to-do list.

How is this project going? Any news? How is GPU support?

My Cryptomatte branch on should be reasonably stable and usable. Pretty much the same code is being used in production right now at Tangent Animation. GPU support is present using the stochastic method, the CPU path has an option to enable a more precise mode.

The reasons that this isn’t merged into master yet are:

  • It’s not as complete as I’d like it to be, there is no support for manifests yet and it would be great to include proper volume support too.
  • GPU support isn’t well-tested (TA is using CPU only)
  • Some code cleanup/review couldn’t hurt. While I’m not aware of any bugs in it, there’s a bit of repeat code in there and some parts are squeezed into places that are convenient to get the job done. Some refactoring could make the code easier to read, understand and maintain.
  • All of the above would need to happen in my spare time, my day job keeps me busy with plenty of other things. As much fun as writing Cycles code is, I’m currently more inclined to spend my spare time with my family and away from computers.

Is this the latest build?

It would be so great to see this in 2.8, is that do-able for you. and if so, have there been talks about including it?


GPU support isn’t well-tested (TA is using CPU only) I could help test GPU scenes if needed. I would love Cryptomatte to be in master for 2.8 so if there is something I can do to help I will


I just did a quick test and I confirm that result is not great with GPU.
Here an .exr that can be opened in Blender showing how matte passes are unusable when rendered by GPU.
Cryptomatte_GPU.exr (409.9 KB)

Apparently there is some movement in the tracker by Stefan and Brecht.
It would be great to have Cryptomatte in Blender 2.8, and even better if they can incorporate support for GPU.


Aaaaand it’s landed!

Compositor: Cryptomatte compositing node.

This patch adds a new matte node that implements the Cryptomatte specification.
It also incluces a custom eye dropper that works outside of a color picker.
Cryptomatte export for the Cycles render engine will be in a separate patch.

Reviewers: brecht

Reviewed By: brecht

Subscribers: brecht

Tags: #compositing

Differential Revision:


It’s only the compositing node still, not yet Cycles output of the render passes.


This written by a developer gives us a lot of hope for the users :grinning:
Thank you.


@skw Stefan, I would love to see another BCON talk from you!
Last years cryptomatte “teaser” blew me away (whole talk was great), Im sure alot of people would enjoy a showcase of this years improvements and additions! :slight_smile:

Thanks skw and brecht for reeling this in!

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Are there any chances for custom AOVs return into Cycles?
This would be superior feature - if material could be able to generate (for example) different “effect masks” as crypromatte layers. like “virtual objects” or texturing features, not really present in mesh form

I’d to be able to speak at BCON again this year. We’ll see, there are a few things to be hashed out first.


Hhas anyone done this kinda thaaaaaang in production with success?

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It’s funny that he doesn’t go on explaining of what use this “ID mask” pass will be in compositing. I guess the only choice you have is to use a color key and hope that other object’s colors aren’t too close to the object you want to key. This will get dirty for sure, especially in more complex scenes.

The next problem you will possibly hit is when you add or remove objects in your scene. It will likely reshuffle the output of the “Random” node and you will have to pick all the key colors over and over again.

I hope that Cryptomatte gets integrated into Cycles soon because it’s lightyears ahead of all existing multi-matte, id-matte, object-matte etc. stuff. Gives you crystal clear masks even when it comes to depth of field and mtion blur, is 100% reliable (been using it in a lot of productions with Redshift and V-Ray without a hitch) and almost any compositing tool on the market can handle it, including Blender compositor (in master and 2.8), Nuke, Fusion, After Effects, …


Apparently this is getting closer :smiley: