Cryptomatte node not showing any information

Hi. I rendered a full animation as a Multilayer EXR 32 bits. Cryptomatte passes are active and actually showing well. But when I connect the Combined pass to the Cryptomatte node does not show anything.

I realize it should be “image” to the Cryptomatte node, but I do not have any “image” pass shown.

Thank you

The Cryptomatte node doesn’t show anything because you picked anything. I can tell from your question, that you should first lern how to use this node on general.
This video should work for you I think:
New Cryptomatte Workflow in Blender 2.93: In Depth Tutorial - YouTube

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The reason why it was not working: If you work loading open EXR into a new scene you need to set your crypto matte node to image and load again the sequence…

That was why. Another important thing. I tend to work on two screens: one screen has the image editor set to Viewer Node and then the other the composing tab to avoid working with Backdrops and nodes in the same “area”. But then you will not be able to pick with the crypto matte Mat Id picker…so the only way to work is with the backdrop feature.

Thank you

Ah ok, I’m sorry I got you wrong :woozy_face: I was missled by the fact that the Matt Object List in your Crypto Node was empty and didn’t understand that your question was not refering to a mask not showing up, but to the rendered image…
But I’m glad that you seem to have solved the problem anyway :slight_smile:

Sorry, I will have to read the posts more carefully :v:t5:

Thank you for your help! I still think it would be easier if you are not requested to load the EXR twice. I mean the whole point of saving as a multilayer exr is to have everything in one node. But this workflow of loading twice-heavy files…seems a bit counterproductive.