Cryptomatte pick colors

I have an animation with lots of objects and an animated camera. I left crypto levels at default 6. When I got my exr’s and hooked up the crypto outputs, many of my materials share the same pick color. But the materials clearly have different names in the blend file. Should have I used more levels than 6? Or what else could have caused this.

Blender 2.82a


How did you export the cryptomatte and what software are you using to composite?

Multi layer EXRs
Blender compositor.

I assume you’re exporting directly rather than the weird ‘file output’ node mistake I see people doing? If not, when rendering, make sure you’re not using compositing nodes and are exporting the multilayer exr unmodified. Otherwise cryptomatte data will be missing.

Even if colors look the same, they’re probably not. The mattes are likely using values over 1 so they look white. Instead of using the pick to selected objects, you can type the names of the materials (or objects) you want to isolate.


Regarding levels, it’s only relevant when multiple objects are in the same pixel. The default value is usually fine.

This might be the issue then. I have the denoise data node set up in the compositor. I was rendering to PNGs and denoising them. Then I switched to EXRs for the final animation so I could do further compositing. So that may be the problem.

Here is an image of the set up. Everything that reads white, when picked, will actually go on one matte. That is incorrect. Everything that reads as black, will have no selection. So it is clearly messed up. Probably like you said. I had this node set up when I rendered the EXRs. I should have disabled compositing.