Crysis 2 Nano suit

I have started a new project, I realized on the last few things that I have made that I am bad at working on one thing for a long time which normally means my models dont have allot of detail and the texturing is poor to say the least.

On this project I am aiming to change that. I chose something that is pretty difficult and will require uv mapping and texture building. Most of you probably know crysis 2 and the really cool looking nano suit that the player in that wears, this is what I am going to be creating. In some kind of scene.

My goal is that I will have an image that gets accepted into the cgtalk 3d stills forum which all of my images to date have failed to do because they are not “finished”

I will probably end up only making the top half of the character/suit but we will see…

Here is what I have so far:
(click for high res)
(click for high res)
(click for high res)

All comments and crits are very welcome (im not going to be satisfied until all of you are as well)

I aint ganna lie I have never played so I wont be as good a crit on this as others may. 2 Things I notice right off the bat is in the front view render(whole body) there seems to be a point on the top of his head, and in the front view of his face on his left side on the bottom of his visor there looks like some of the virticys where pulled up in a small section. Now I cant say for sure if thats how its sappose to be or not, and can’t get a better look at the topography without wires, but I think its a great beginning.

Thanks for the feedback rallici. Do remember that this is very early stage of development and I still have lots of refining to do :slight_smile: thanks for the points anyway though.

Here is an update on the back with more detail and subsurf on the “bones” and I added more of the nano material “muscles”
(click for high res)

And here are some wires
(click for high res)
(click for high res)

Well I know its the early stages that is obvious however, I just followed what you said "All comments and crits are very welcome (im not going to be satisfied until all of you are as well) ". So I just gave a crit :p. Just somethings I figured you would want to look at but just missed.

Its ok :slight_smile: i was not complaining… they all help… its just that at this point there are a million and 1 things that I see that are wrong and I still need to fix :stuck_out_tongue:

Man this is absolutely awesome. Can’t wait to see the final version.

Thank you dannygreen :slight_smile: it might be a while yet but me too! lol

Oh and here is the main reference I am using

I din’t even notice you put up other renders, I posted and zonked :eek:. Anyway it looks better with the subsurf.

EDIT: The Topography is briliant! Very clean and amazing looking, I personaly aint good with topography I can Just get the clay render to look decent, but looking at my wires looks like a twister hit my model :smiley:

HAHA thank you :slight_smile: really it could be better… but it will do for the time being…
It is all separate objects and I am using median crease and an edge split modifier so that I dont have to add any pointless edgeloops.
All the thick black lines have a median crease of 1
(click for high res)

I’d love to be able to model like that. I’ve only been using Blender for 3 days. I have made a topic if want to look :slight_smile: (called my first mesh in finished projects)

Can’t wait till I can make stuff like that, I have always wanted to model game characters, and I wont stop until I can :slight_smile:
Your good for inspiration!


I have seen your thread, theres only 1 thing that you can do to get better… lots of practice. When I started I was really shockingly bad… I see that you have found blendercookie already? when you are feeling like a challenge and try some tutorials.

Anyway… as I posted anyway I thought that I would put up another update even thought there is not much improvement.
(click for high res)

Its really cool how the shapes on the suit are like muscles… and I can see how much thought has been put into how each muscle is attached… I cant imagine having to design something like this from scratch :stuck_out_tongue: haha… maybe one day.

Ive not played the game, but have seen bits of it, either way I think that this is already excellent, I may be easily pleased I dunno but good job so far :smiley:
(click for high res)
(click for high res)

Im about 10 hours in at this point and taking a break :slight_smile: more updates tomorrow.

Update for today. I have not been able to work on it for very long today because I got locked out of the studio in my back garden where my laptop is :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that the final render that I am going to create is going to be rendered with cycles depending on if it matures fast enough.

I really like this is turning out. I have not played the game either, but i remember the suit from pictures of crysis.
Looking very cool, keep it up.

Cycles is pretty much already able to be used, i suggest you try it out now.

Hey DDD, thank you for the encouragement :slight_smile:

do you know of a tutorial on how to use the material nodes and how to add textures in cycles? if i knew a little bit about them then I would try some test renders now… I have given it a go but all i could figure out is the most basic materials…

(I tried creating a nice texture for the nano material)
(click for high res)

(the red is just preliminary lighting)

Insane! Love the nano texture!
This coming along really well, pretty fast too.

No offence DDD but that does not sound easy :stuck_out_tongue: I will have a more thorough look at it tomorrow though and also try out to add a texture as well… The texture is pretty simple, I threw it together in fireworks, here is a link to it :slight_smile:

@dannygreen Thank you :slight_smile: I am trying to get it done in a reasonable amount of time… Hopefully I will have some more time to spend on it this week because next week I am going to fly out to the US and I will be there for about 2 months. I will still have time to work on this but not as much as now :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is the last update for today… been playing a little more with the materials and finished the top half of his arm (all you can see in the image). You might notice as well that he is holding a gun over his shoulder, that is an m4 that I created a while ago. I will eventually create a gun from the game for him to hold but this will do for the time being…
(click here for high res)

I am also starting to think about what the rest of the scene will look like, I am hoping to create a street that laying in ruins with a burning car wreck or something… what do you guys think?

Absolutely awesome. The scene sounds real cool. Will it be like a slum? - If you get what I mean?