Crysis 3 Blender Guru Game competition

Hi all, i know its a bit late but after constantly changing scenes I’ve decided to stick with this one. Still thinking of adding in depth of field? Definitely still has some tweaking to do. Please comment for improvements. I need criticism before i render it out properly. I will be updating it again in the next few days. What are your thoughts on the hexagons surrounding the image?
vertice count: 4,232,575
sorry about the link its just the image is 10.35mb even with compression at 100%, i’ll try again tomorrow uploading a smaller sized image.:smiley:


(may have to wait a while for image to load, don’t worry downloading is optional)


Image updated. I’m thinking of making the view first person but not sure.

this is the final image i will enter, still would like at least one comment. thanks

I really like the model of the nano-suit.
Although, i my opinion, the pose feels very static/robotic and does not really do the model justice
But i do like the suit

A little bit of contrast to add more focal point would be nice. Currently, the main subject of the image (which I presume is the soldier dude) is sort of blending in to the background.